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 Strong Leadership.   Experienced Legislator.   Trusted Galvestonian.  

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Leadership is not measured by time,

but by strength of the heart over time –

by the unflinching courage of your convictions in making the right decisions for

the citizens you serve.

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“As the owner of a tech start-up living and working remotely from the island, I endorse Bill because he's the only candidate with a vision to attract more tech firms and remote workers to the island. It tells me he understands the younger generation and sees how great a place Galveston could be for a tech savvy Millennial who wants the two bedroom quirky home and cares about protecting the environment. Bill has the know-how to shore up our Federal dollars and build safe communities where the middle class will want to live, work, and play.”

Henry Garcia

Owner, Bambú Mexican Grill, Galveston, Texas

"Bill Keese will make an outstanding councilman and do great things for the small business community of Galveston."

“In my 35 years of being in Washington, D.C., I have never seen anyone to be more effective at working for and defending his industry than Bill Keese.”

Dr. Donna Victor

Owner, Victor Nutrition and

President, Egesta Technologies

Galveston, TX

John D. Raffaelli
Founding Partner, Capital Counsel, Washington, D.C.