Legislative Highlights   

Juneteenth State Holiday Legislation  (Original co-sponsor)

Bill was an original co-sponsor of Representative Al Edwards (TX District 146) bill to create June 19th as a State holiday.  Texas was the first state in the nation to declare the Juneteenth holiday.

Agent Orange Legislation (Co-author)

The first Vietnam-era legislation in America to recognize the health effects of the chemical defoliant Agent Orange on American troops fighting in Vietnam, and on their off-spring.  Because of Bill’s dedicated work and legislation in this area, he was invited by the national organization of Vietnam Veterans to address their gathering of thousands from the steps of the Capital in Washington, and to lead their parade from the Capital to the Vietnam Memorial.

Gasohol Legislation

Recognized by resolution of the Texas House of Representatives as the “Father of Gasohol” for legislation and work in legalizing the production and sale of ethanol fuel mixtures in Texas.  Bill’s work was aimed at reducing air pollution and establishing a new source of revenue for Texas farmers.

Solar Energy Legislation

Bill was an original and vigorous advocate in the Texas House of Representatives for solar energy technology.  He worked closely with Texas energy legend Bob King and the Texas Solar Energy Society (www.txses.org) to promote renewable energy sources for conservation and environmental protection.  Bill introduced legislation promoting the use of solar energy in Texas through education, tax incentives, and removal of institutional and petroleum industry barriers limiting usage of solar technology.

Public Education Advocacy

As the State Representative of 18 school districts located in his Texas 29th District, Bill supported all legislation to increase funding for public education and increase teacher salaries.  

Gay Rights Advocacy

As a Texas legislator, Bill always advocated and voted for human freedom.  In the 1977, he was one of only 18 House members to vote against legislation introduced to ban homosexual clubs and organizations on college campuses.  

High Speed Train Advocacy

As a member of the House Transportation Committee, Bill was a strong and vocal advocate for removing barriers to the development of a high-speed train system in Texas, initially to link Houston, Dallas and San Antonio.  Today, that early legislative advocacy is being embodied in the new Texas Central Railway.

Eminent Domain Reform

Bill introduced several bills designed to limit the use of eminent domain by oil and gas corporations and government agencies to acquire property via the condemnation process for pipeline construction.  Before such legislation was eventually passed by future legislative sessions, the property of many Texas landowners was often condemned for pipeline construction without proper notice, reasons, or compensation.

Advocacy Prohibiting the Creation of Nuclear Waste Dumps in Texas

Backer of legislation aimed at stopping the dumping of nuclear waste in Texas salt dome sites, and to assign oversight status to the Texas Natural Resources Council.